Live-in Opportunities Available!

** Live-in Opportunities Available **

We are in the process of increasing our Live-in Program and have current vacancies, if anyone is interested. This will be a opportunity to get the experience of a lifetime.

Amenities include: Cable TV, Wireless Internet, Full Kitchen, Washer and Dryer and Lots of Calls (busiest in the county). Please check us out at:
and visit the site and year in videos. You will also be able to print out an application from the web site. There is a Technical College (Florence Technical College) in our district and a University College (Francis Marion University), about 15 miles from our district.

Candidate process:

18 years old, high school diploma or GED, completion of application, ten year driving record, application and back-ground check and membership vote of acceptance.

Training required:

Firefighter 1 and/or Pro Board Firefighter (a must)

First Aid and CPR (preferred or will be able to get the training)

Auto Extrication (preferred or will be able to get the training)